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1 Automatic Fryer = 1,200 Escalopes an Hour

Things need to move quickly in large canteens, cafeterias and military barracks at lunch time. Hundreds of hungry employees, students and soldiers all want escalopes, meat patties and fried sausage at the same time. These are challenges for any professional kitchen. The solution: automatic fryers. For more than twenty years now, Küppersbusch Großküchentechnik in Gelsenkirchen has been producing automatic fryers with which large quantities of fried food can be produced by only one person in no time at all.

For example, an EBA 120 cooks 2,000 small fried sausages, 1,500 rösties (fried grated potato) or 1,500 mincemeat patties in one hour, and it replaces up to five standard tilting frying pans. It also saves on space and can be operated by one person. This is efficiency at its best. And the average useful life span of our automatic fryers is more than 20 years.

Exhibitor: Küppersbusch Großküchentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

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