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About us

SMF company was established in Germany over 25 years ago and since the very beginning it has offered high quality, efficient PET blowing machine. Constant investments, innovations and rapid development resulted very soon in new products in our offer, such as different typs of conveyors (plate, air, vaccum, roll, belt ect), bottle unscrambler or increasingly efficient stretch blow molding machines. The growth of SMF Maschinenfabrik GmbH was based on qualified and experienced personnel constantly working on improvement of the technological solutions for our blow molding machines. Nowadays, we are one of the leading entities on the market supplying PET bottle blowing machines, conveyors, bottle unscramblers, packing and injection machines as well as individually adjusted stretch blow molding machines to contractors worldwide. Over the years we have cooperated with business partners from almost 200 countries, and gained market recognition and priceless experience. Despite the success achieved by our PET, blow molding machines and other equipment, SMF Maschinenfabrik GmbH does not forget the most important aspects of our mission: quality products and constant innovations. The company’s plant and the employed technology is gradually developed in response to the growing demand of Clients from around the world. By choosing our conveyors, PET or PP blowers, injection, packing machines or complete filling lines with a capacity up to 34000 bottles per hour you choose the highest efficiency, reliability and solidity tailored to your needs.

Products and services



OPTIMA TURBO is our newest series of fully automatic PET bottle blowing machines which ensures a high production rate. It is equipped with four, eight or sixteen blow cavities and a toggle closing unit controlled by electrical servo drives. OPTIMA TURBO is perfect solution for 0,25-2L bottles, ensuring high and reliable performance with a capacity up to 34000 bottles pet hour. The machine is equipped with a user-friendly touch screen with a graphics interface and an access to heating and blowing parameters, alarms and diagnostic.The machine can be connected directly to the conveyor as the blown bottles are positioned bottom-down.

Combi and HS series:

Combi and HS are series of linear blowing machines suitable for production of PET bottles 200 ml – 3 000 ml.
Thanks to reliable construction and easy operation and maintenance Combi and HS machines working all around the world.
• Compact size and durability of the equipment
• Flexible and efficient - heating system with heating modules- each of them consisted of 7 heating zones ( adjusted from machine’s touchscreen ) ensures proper heating up even long preforms - full control of materials distribution during blowing process
• Easy& flexible in operation – easy mould change-over system and possibility to work with many types of neck rings
• Advanced PLC with build-in memory to keep blowing parameters for many types of bottles
• Stable production with high perforce per cavity - short decompression time
• Reliable machines ensuring cost-saving production
• Modular construction - modules can be combined together with one frame - each module can work integrated to get maximal machine’s efficiency or can be switched off to adjust production to the needs during low season.

STRATOS series

STRATOS series

STRATOS electric machines are fully automatic blowers for 3.0L – 20.0L bottle productions.

• Reliable & easy in operation – mould change-over system with rollers, central lubrication system, air recuperation- lower air consumption,
• Discharging ready bottles from Stratos directly on conveyor
• Precise & high quality productions –stretching bars with servomotors provides fluent regulation of blowing process
• Compact size & user-friendly PLC control system with option to connect with internet and on-line support
• Powerful heating unit with precise controller

SB bottle unscrambler:

SB bottle unscrambler is used to provide bottles in upright position to transfer them directly to filling line. Disordered bottles are loaded into bottle hopper and unscrambler puts them into vertical position and moves them on the vacuum/ plate or air conveyor. SMF offers liner "belt type" unscramblers (SB6 and SB10) as well as "pocket type" rotary unscramblers SB20 and SB40 most suitable for very light bottles.
• Suitable for PET bottles or other type of plastics
• Versatility in running many bottle formats and sizes on same machine – suitable for cylinders, jars, ovals, squares, rectangles, trigger sprays and other oddly shaped bottles
• Cost-saving solution – automation of production process,
• Hygienic process – bottles do not have contact with operators, all bottle contact part made in stainless steel and plastic



SMF conveyors are designed to transfer bottles, jars, cans, boxes and many other products. Depending on customers’ requirements conveyors are available in straight parts or curve parts and may work in horizontal line or with different inclination angle.

For each project SMF prepares unique layout of conveyors to make it suitable for capacity of the line, technical conditions and available space to ensure stable production.

Types of conveyors produced by the SMF:

1) Air conveyors system
2) Combiners/ Adders
3) Plate conveyors system
4) VACCUM Conveyors
5) ROLL Conveyors
6) BELT Conveyors
7) CHAIN Conveyors
8) BUFFER Conveyors / Rotary tables


SMF Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Redcarstr. 40
53842 Troisdorf-Spich

Phone: +49 2241 944886-0

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